• Colocasia 'Coal Miner'

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13 hours ago

Two very exciting deliveries today! More details to follow...

1 day ago
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These have been very tricky to find this year. I usually grow my own from cuttings but my mother plant has taken forever to start shooting. This is it but I have a few other plants in 1L pots now ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Evergreens Turn-it-Tropical's post

Just a few photos from my own garden. Although I sell plants as a business I also buy lots from other sellers. Most of these were mine though 😁 This was only planted about 2 years ago and cannot ... See more

3 days ago
Photos from Evergreens Turn-it-Tropical's post

Some sad news!!! I wondered why my Musa basjoo ‘Variegata’ wasn’t growing much this year after leaving it outside last winter so thought I would investigate. I found it had rotted at the base ... See more