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Seeds & Spores

As we are all itching to get back into full gardening mode, I decided to start on some seed sowing! Spring is not really that far away. Every year it takes me by surprise, I think there’s always loads of time but it soon comes around. I have found myself looking through numerous seed websites and catalogues over the last few weeks, buying seed and also rummaging through bags of seed we have collected here from our own plants to see if there is anything I can get into the soil now. It is amazing at how many can be sown in January and February, especially if you have a heated greenhouse or propagator.

Cara and I have been busy sowing various packets. So far a few trays of Ornamental Grasses, Impatiens, Fern spores also went in today on sterilised, own recipe compost. Canna seed has also been left to soak over night. A few varieties including patens, ‘Intrigue’, altensteinii, ‘Crozy’s New hybrids’, brasiliensis and flaccida. These will get sown tomorrow. Once you see the seed you realise why they are given the name of ‘Indian Shot Plant’. They look like black ball bearings and I bet they hurt if you get one shot at you!

I will keep you updated with our progress. I regularly post pictures on our facebook page.